Marcello Gobbi Born in 1970 in Brescia, where he lives and works. In 1996 he graduated in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and begins to exhibit since the early 1990s. The Marcello Gobbi’s artworks are sculptures that seem suspended an instant before turning into living presences. These sculptures have a solid plastic soul and a skin of silicone that is dematerialized, decomposed and scattered in thousand drops, with the purpose to recall the constant change of the man. The metamorphosis idea of each sculpture tells the perennial state of transit of the human condition, which is always uncertain between to surrender and to rise. Gobbi carves this time interval, in which the choice has not happened yet, in his artwork and then it is crystallized in the silicone. His sculptures have a strong and poetic impact towards the public. In fact, the artist has recently affirmed: “I like reviving the sense of touch, I like the idea that a thought may pass through the senses going beyond the rational limits…for me it is a great achievement to create stimulating emotions through the abandonment and the return to sensation”. His sculptures hide the human condition with its beauty and in every its possibility. Finally, the Gobbi’s artworks could be considered a mirror in which we are able to reflect us, restarting to love us in our complex and naked truth.